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Network Solutions

Network Test & Optimization

Boden has a process and strong recruiting program that has led to its proven track record of establishing needed resources, internal and external, to meet customer’s needs and have done so in new markets. Our tenure in the industry as a company has incorporated effective processes and expertise to tackle deployments on any scale via remote deployment.

Operational Support 

Boden has the resources and expertise to support active networks. Our program monitors, identifies, and resolves symptomatic problems that contribute to Business Interruption.  These are predominantly power, grounding, and HVAC deficiencies that exist due to the lack of a maintenance program. Our services extend into troubleshooting and break-fix on network equipment. Regardless of the size or complexity, even if it’s small, Boden is here to serve your needs.

Network Planning

Boden can provide in-house and remote resources to support network planning efforts but most importantly, leverage resources within its global companies to tackle solution requirements. We work with a large variety of equipment manufacturers providing expertise in product selection and evaluation.